Men, Life isn't supposed to be this tough!

The problem is, unless you were given real tools from good men, you will always be working too hard for too little. You were never meant to be discouraged, shamed, or confused about your role and your ability to lead.

is a 12-video series that will guide you on a strategic path to take back control of your life, and become more confident in your masculinity. Sign up today and join over 500 men who are on the same path to freedom.

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Jason Vallotton is the guy whose life proves that adversity and challenge can be the seedbed for greatness and that EVERY man has what it takes to be an overcomer and lead a life they are proud of. As the founder of BraveCo, a member of the Senior Leadership Team at Bethel Church, and an overseer of the Bethel Transformation Center, he has helped thousands of people discover their God-given identity, find freedom, and walk out their true calling. When he is not enjoying time with his family or helping transform the hearts of men, you can find him on some next-level adventure… usually hunting or fishing in the great outdoors.


Kris Vallotton is one of the bravest men we know. From facing the death of his father at just 3 years old to withstanding physical and emotional abuse from his stepfathers and overcoming two nervous breakdowns, Kris has made more than a couple of trips to hell and back, and today he enjoys the success that has come from breaking the generational cycles in his life. Kris is an accomplished businessman, author, and international speaker. Best of all, he’s an expert in helping men break free! Needless to say, Kris is a bad dude, and we know you are going to love him!

Lesson Descriptions

What kind of man are you, and what kind of man were you made to be? In this first lesson of the discipleship course, Jason walks us through what it means to be a man. He begins by explaining how the world views masculinity, then dives deep into God’s original design for manhood and the role of a man.
No man is an island. In this video, Jason lays down foundational truth about connection and how vital it is for living a life of wholeness as a man. He explains how important connection is for the life of a man—then details the four steps we must take to build and protect connections in our lives: choosing courage, compassion, authenticity, and vulnerability with others.
As a man, do you live by a code? A set of virtues and values, and the reasons behind them? In this lesson, you’ll learn about the importance of having an ethos like that, and how it can help you cast vision for the man you want to become.
Jason takes us through what a father’s role is in the life of his family. You’ll learn how the father of the household was built to provide, protect, and promote his children and his wife. As fathers, we are meant to lay strong foundations in the lives of our families, from which they can grow into their God-given identities.
Fathers are essential for the journey of every man, and yet each of us carries wounds left by fathers in our lives—but God has a redemptive plan for us to experience his Father’s heart for us. In this video, Kris Vallotton challenges us to find a father in order to bring healing and growth to our lives.
As men, we were made to carry responsibility and purpose—but a lack of responsibility can lead us off course, and too much of it can crush us. In this lesson, Jason asks us to be honest with ourselves and to assess our burdens and responsibilities, inviting God to show us the weight he wants us to bear.
The way we love ourselves determines the way we’ll love others. In this lesson, Kris Vallotton shares about the power of the love of God. God’s love forgives, brings freedom, and rewrites our history—and when we receive it, we can begin to love ourselves like God loves us.
In this teaching about forgiveness, Jason encourages us to embrace our pain and to forgive those who have caused it—including ourselves. He walks us through the truth about forgiveness, explaining that it isn’t in the words we say, but in the posture we choose to take.
We all experience pain—it's what we do with it that will determine the last line of the story. Jason Vallotton explains the six steps of processing pain in order to receive the gift of healing God has for us. These steps will help us change the way we see pain and motivate us to walk out the process of forgiveness from a place of compassion.
In biblical times, if you came upon a city and saw massive walls, you knew that there was something worth protecting on the other side. When we set boundaries and maintain them, we become like a strong and vibrant city too. In this lesson, Jason teaches us how to set boundaries by walking us through the Circles of Intimacy. Boundaries can help us to nourish and cherish ourselves, resulting in deep and long-lasting relationships.
Your body, soul, and spirit are all connected. We can’t detach them from themselves and we can’t do something to one without affecting the others. In this video, you’ll learn how important self-awareness is for understanding the needs of our bodies, souls, and spirits. If we can diagnose the issue, we can treat the need.
In this lesson, Kris Vallotton shares that we are a new creation, a prototype, a first of its kind, who has dual citizenship here on earth and in heaven. This word will challenge you to look outside of time, where God operates, and to see that he truly is the one who was, who is, and who is to come. Reach down, check your shoelaces, and get ready as we learn how to finish strong in the race set before us so that we can live to leave a legacy.

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