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Society’s ever-changing messaging about manhood has distorted the true role of a man for far too long.

But the truth is, who you were designed to be as a man was never intended to be a mystery. God created man in His own image and called it good. The Lord created a clear and powerful purpose for manhood.

Every man should feel confident and capable of facing his pain, loving deeply, and leading a life that impacts the world around you. Don’t settle for less than the fullness of your God-given calling as a man.

We live in a time where men are hunting for the truth and looking for the codebook to manhood. At BraveCo, we are on a mission to heal the narrative of masculinity across a generation; fighting the good fight together because every man should feel confident and capable of facing his pain, loving deeply, and leading a life that impacts the world around him.

We understand not every man’s story is the same — we are a company of men with different backgrounds, from different regions, and representing a diversity of ages, but we believe in the power of community and brotherhood. Through BraveCo’s 12-month Discipleship Program we equip men for the journey of manhood and embrace the truth that no person was designed to thrive alone. Join us in the pursuit of wholeness, purpose, and brotherhood and glean wisdom, time-tested insights, tools and resources from men that are experts in their field.

Join the Brotherhood and You Will:

Walk Boldly in Your God-Given Manhood

Receive tools and resources from BraveCourse that will boost your confidence and prepare you for success on the lifelong journey of manhood.

Join a Company of Men Pursuing Wholeness

Be surrounded by the brothers, mentors, and fathers that you were created to journey through manhood with in BraveCourse small groups.

Live Out Fullness of Your Calling

God has plans and purposes for your life. Our BraveCourse is designed to resource and equip you to lead a life that impacts the world around you and the generations to come.

Get Long-Lasting Results, No Fluff, and No Hype

Let’s face it, we are all guilty of wanting a quick fix or a shortcut that solves all of our problems and grows us into powerful, competent men. Unfortunately, this type of wishful living only leads to failure. If we want to grow, we have to put in the work. Most men find fulfillment in their jobs yet fail to know how to truly live, fully alive to their purpose and in their relationships.

The truth is, every man should feel confident and capable of facing his pain and loving deeply. He should know how to lead himself and his family, bring peace to chaos, build wealth and generosity, pursue a woman, live in healthy sexuality, and set the standard of love in his home. With this in mind, we have developed BraveCourse, a 12-Month Discipleship Program, broken into 4 modules that are consumed in your weekly small group on topics such as:


Learn to walk in Godly manhood; feel confident and capable to face your pain and love deeply


Get equipped to lead yourself and your family, bring peace to chaos, and set the standard of love in your home

Kingdom Finance

Learn how to grow in favor and prosper in your kingdom assignment so you and your family never have to worry about money again; how to create and multiply righteous wealth the Kingdom way.


Break free from addiction, learn how your sexuality is a strength, not a weakness How your drive to pursue a woman was designed to lead to true intimacy