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From the beginning, God created man in His own image and said it was good. Over time, what God intended for man and the God dreams He placed inside of them have gotten blurry and some would say, even broken.

In today’s world, a man has 1,000 different places he can look to attempt to get the deep questions of his heart answered and find fulfillment. But, if a man goes on this search without God his efforts are fruitless. In the end, every man will come to the end of himself and find that his charisma, image, career, wealth, and talents all fall short apart from God.

As a Father, it was never God’s intention for His sons to be confused about their identity, purpose, or place on the Earth. God’s heart is that every man would come to Him for sonship, be set free from the questions that keep him up at night, and walk boldly in his God given manhood.

At BraveCo, it is our desire to bring God’s wholeness, purpose, and brotherhood to the sons of God.

We are excited to partner with Bethel Church and invite you to join us for our first-ever BraveCo Men’s Conference on August 25-27, 2021. As we gather, our hope is to answer the hard questions, restore the narrative of manhood in a fatherless generation, and release you into the masculinity and nobility you were born to carry. We hope you can join us!

Please note, this event is for men only, age 13+.

Conference Speakers

Jason Vallotton

Founder, BraveCo

Kris Vallotton

Senior Associate Leader, Bethel Church

Danny Silk

President And Co-Founder, Loving On Purpose

Brian Johnson

Co-Founder, Bethel Music And Bethel Music’s Worship School

John Eldredge


Aaron Zint

Leader, The Whole Man Project